How to Study in Turkey

How to Study in Turkey


  1. Choose Your University

You need to decide on your university, based on your degree. You can choose between private and public universities. You also have to decide your desired program and language of instruction. Some Turkish universities offer 100% English programs, and others offer 70% in English, and 30% in Turkish.

  1. Prepare your Papers and Exam Scores

After deciding your university, program, and language, you need to prepare your papers for admission. Many universities require English Proficiency Exams such as TOEFL/IELTS. Many universities have their own English Proficiency Test as well. You need also your Transcript and Certificates to be translated to Turkish, or English, from an accredited translation office, mainly this can be done by help of the Turkish Consulate in your country.

For Post-graduate programs, many universities require Graduate Exams such as GRE, and GMAT.

  1. Obtain  Student Visa

You have to obtain student visa before coming to Turkey. You have to get ‘Letter of Acceptance’ you get from University, and apply in the Turkish Consulate in your country, where you fill an application for student visa. Visa period differs among countries; some countries have it for 30 days, 90 days or more.

  1. Accommodation Arrangement

Students have many options when it comes to housing. They can choose among university dormitories, shared flats, and private dormitories.

  • Most universities offer dormitories for their students. These on-campus dormitories offer all facilities to students in terms of meals, shopping places, and cafes. However, there are some deadlines that students must follow while applying for universities’ housing.
  • Private dormitories are also available for students willing to reside there. Private dormitories are normally available most time of the year. These dormitories have kitchens, internet, TV salons, and sport facilities.
  • Shared Flats: Some students may prefer living in houses, shared by other students. This is one of available options for students willing for home atmosphere and comfort.


After you arrive to Turkey, there are some steps you need to follow before starting your program.

  1. Getting your Student Identity Card

After you arrive in Turkey, and arrange your housing, you need to get your student ID from the university. Contact your school to check your papers and follow the orientation program that is offered by many universities for new students. There is a Foreign Student Office in each university, and they offer many services to foreign students.

  1. Obtain your General Student Insurance

Although private insurance is available, General Health Insurance is a preferred option for students. Students pay an annual insurance fee that covers their health problems and needs.

  1. Registering for Residence Permit

You have to prepare your papers and get an appointment from the Office of Migration. This appointment helps you submit your papers and get your student residence permit. The duration differs according to your program.

Students enrolled in Turkish Language Course normally get their student residence permit for one year. For undergraduate and post graduate, the duration differ from two to four years.