Why to Study in Turkey

Why to Study in Turkey

There are many reasons that nominate Turkey as a perfect candidate for students looking forward to high-quality education and affordable prices.

Affordable Life Costs

When compared to other countries, Turkey is considered one of affordable destinations for international students. A foreign student is expected to have monthly life expenses range of 600-800 $, depending on city and life style. Range of admission fees for most universities is 150-200 $ per semester.

Education Quality

Lately, Turkey has witnessed many developments in education system. Starting from schools until universities, international students always have opportunities to enroll and receive high quality education.

Recently, many multilingual schools have been opened and teach curriculums in Turkish, English, and Arabic. Most of Turkish universities offer scholarships to international students, in all education levels; undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate levels.

In World rankings for universities, lists include some Turkish Universities. In most Turkish universities, curriculums are in accordance to global curriculums, and follow ECTS ‘European Credit Transfer System’.

Scholarship Opportunities

Most Turkish universities offer partial or full scholarship to international students. Private universities offer scholarships up to 70 % for undergraduate programs, and some offer full tuition scholarships for Master and PhD students.

Social Life beside Education

Turkey is one of perfect places to life. Including city like Istanbul, a foreign student will enjoy a mixture of international cultures and cuisines. Since the Ottoman Era, Turkey has been acting as a bridge between Eastern and Western worlds. As a home to different nationalities, religions, and traditions, students find many places to visit without facing language barriers.