Services to Students

Services to Students

In order to help students willing to study in Turkey, we started to provide educational consultancy. We cooperated with best universities in Turkey to guarantee best education practices and experience for our foreign students.

We care about our students and we follow up with their families pre-arrival and post-arrival. We are responsible for the student and always provide consultancy in all life aspects.

Translation of Admission Documents

We receive the required documents from you, and we translate them in Accredited Translation Offices, and we help you decide which university is a perfect match for you based on your field and level of study.

Admission to University

We help students with admission and registration process at both private and public universities in Turkey, through whole process. Whether you prefer public or private university, for undergraduate or post-graduate degree, we help you choose the perfect program for you.

Accommodation Support

We help students locate nearest dormitory to his/her university, at best and affordable prices. We advise you on the best option that meets your budget and concerns. 

Admission Exams

We provide all information about required exams for admissions, and we help students find institutions offering these courses, like GRE, GMAT, TEOFL, YOS, SAT, and IELTS.

Insurance Support

After you come to Turkey, our Educational Consultants help you make your insurance policy, and we support you through the process with our Turkish speaking personnel.

Get your Residence Permit

We help you with getting your residence permit. We help you with getting the Appointment, preparing the required documents, and guide you through the whole process.